The Frenchman, the American and the Arabic man

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Three old friends, a Frenchman, an American and an Arabic man, decide to meet up in Africa and go on a journey in the Sahara desert.

Each man flies from his country to a place at the edge of the desert where they decided to meet. The men agreed to each bring something that would help them on their journey.

The Frenchman brings some bags containing French bread. He says, "I brought this so that we will have something to eat."

The American brings a mini-fridge with some soda and water inside. He says,"I brought this so that we will have something to drink."

The Arabic man brings a car door. "Why did you bring this useless car door?" ask his furious colleagues. The Arabic man replies,"So that we can roll down the window when it's hot out."


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CBAHK_The Frenchman, the American and the Arabic man

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