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Bear Hunting

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A man called Jeff went to the woods to do a bit of hunting. He shoots a little cub and a lady bear comes up behind him and taps him on the shoulder.

'You shouldn't have done that' Said the lady bear. 'Either I mawl you to death or we have sex.'

Jeff ponders on it for a while and decides having sex would be better. 'I'd rather have sex' he said.

So Jeff and the lady bear had sex, and Jeff is feeling very saw, and didn't recover for weeks.

When Jeff finally was better, he vowed revenge on the lady bear. So Jeff returned to the forest, found the lady bear and shot her.

A big grizzly bear came up behind Jeff and said 'You shouldn't have done that. Either I mawl you to death or we have rough sex.'

Jeff ponders on it and says 'I'll go for rough sex.'

Once Jeff and the grizzly bear have finished having rough sex, Jeff is feeling really painful.

It took Jeff months this time to recover, but he vowed revenge on the grizzly bear and returned to the woods. Jeff found the grizzly bear and shot him.

The biggest bear you have ever seen came up behind Jeff and tapped him on the shoulder. 'Admit it Jeff,' he said. 'You don't come here for the hunting.'


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: animals, nature sex, sexuality





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CBAEH_Bear Hunting

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