"The Member Only Bar"

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There was this bar, it was a only member bar. Well, one day, they had a speacil. Only one person may join the bar. So a guy walks in and goes, "I want to join the bar." And the bartender goes, "Ok." The next day the newcomer comes to the bar with a package under his armpit (it was a large package wrapped in a vanilla covering). So a the bartender walks up to him and goes, "Hay newcomer, whats in the package." "A rifle with a scope on it," he said. "May I look threw it newcomer." "Sure." So the bartender sets up the rifle and looks threw it. "Hay, I can see my house, my wife to, she's naked, and my naghbor, he's naked, oh, I get it. Do have any hunting experience?" "Yea, and I charge a hit too,a thousand dollers per hit!" So the bartender wrote out a cheak for two thousands dollars and said "shoot my wife in the head, and my naghbor in the dick, that'll teach those fuckers to mess with me again." As he's aim threw the scope, the bartender tells him "hay newcomer, I have hunting experiance and I no it don't take that long to pop them." And the newcomer goes, "yea I know, but I think I can save a thousand dollars." (For those of you that don't get it, she was giving him head)


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