A moron answering a questioneer

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Q: Do you smoke? A: Yes when I am on fire I smoke very much.

Q: How ofter do you smoke? A: I am on fire about once a week, so once a week.

Q: How much do you smoke? A: I already told you I smoke very much!

Q: Do you have any mental conditions? A: Well my neighbor calls me retarded.

Q: Do you have any phobias? A: Yes

Q: If you answered yes, what kind of phobias do you have? A: Shelfaphobia, I'm scared of shelves. O no, they are coming fo me, RUN!

Q: How old are you? A: Wouldn't you like to know? I am between 0 and 1 million years old. Now tell me, how old are you?

Q: Where do you live? A: In a box.

Q: How much is you home worth? A: Probably a couple of bucks.

Q: What is ure occupation? A: How do you spell occupation? What is an occupation? Is it a fruit? Look who is asking the questions now!

Q: Do you have any allergies? A: I have half of an allergy because I only have half a nose.

Q: What kind of allergies do you have? A: I am allergic to shelves. SHELVES, THEY ARE COMING FOR ME!

Q: Are you on any medications? A: Do vitamins count?

Q: What kind of medications are you on? A: Those Flinstones vitamins.

Q: When was the last time you were at the doctors. A: What's a doctor?

Q: What is your name? A: JimmyJoeMyMcFro Smith.

Q: What eductaion do you have? A: School.

Q: Do you have a wife? A: No way, girls have cooties.

Q: Why should we choose you over anyone else? A: Umm... I'm cool.

Q: Do you even know what this questioneer is for? A: Umm... no.

Notes: You pass, you have just the intellect that we need. This test is for you to become a lab rat if you didn't know that. What is up with you and shelves, how are you allergic to shelves?


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CB97L_A moron answering a questioneer

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