George Bush and his governement are clever?

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George Bush visited the queen of England and asks her how she has so many clever MP.

The queen says 'I always asks them one question, and if they get it right they are hired.'

'Wow' said George Bush 'lets see.'

Queen Elizabeth 2nd says 'Tony come over here,' when Tony Blair reaches, them the queen says, 'brothers and sisters you have none, who is your fathers son?'

Tony Blair says 'why of course that is me.'

George Bush goes back to America and asks John Kerry, 'brothers and sisters you have none, who is your fathers son.'

'I don't know' said John Kerry, 'i'll find out for you.'

John Kerry goes up to someone on the street and asks him what his name is.

'Bob Smith' said Bob Smith.

John Kerry goes to George Bush and says, 'The answer to that question you asked me the other day is Bob Smith.'

George Bush says, 'Don't be stupid it's Tony Blair.'


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CB87K_George Bush and his governement are clever?

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