Parrots trouble in a cage

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Once there was this man who wanted a pet bird so he went o a pet shop down the street and he asked if they had any birds left and they said "just one" so he said he'll take it snd as he was taking it it home the bird said "shalibabacat crap i can sing so won't you tell how good i am please?" the nthe owner said "{holy crap you can talk" then the bird again said "shalibabacatcrap i can sing so won't you tell me how good i am please?" so the owner was getting annnoyed and said if you that one more time i'll flush you down the toilet the the bird said it again the nhe went home and tried to flush the thing down the toilet and he could'nt so he buried it in the catbox and when the cat came to go to the bathroom the bird said shalibabacatcrap i can sing move you hiney or i'l bite that thing then the bird bit the cats but and the squeled and ran around the house listening to the bird say shalibabacatcrap please don't run only beacuse your hurting my gums


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CB5VM_Parrots trouble in a cage

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