A kick in the balls

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Once there was a boy in 7th grade who thought that he was the toughest, coolest, badest, most popular kid in the whole grade, and often bragged during lunch time. There were these three girls who were getting pretty tired of it, and decided to once-and-for-all show him up.

"I'm the toughest kid in the grade," they heard him saying as they approached. "You're not so tough," one of the girls told him. "O Yah?" he responded "I'll take all three of you in a fight, and since you're girls, I'll go nice and easy on you." "Ok," they agree.

So the fight starts, and the boy knocks out one of the girls in one swipe. The crowd starts chanting his name, and when they do, he raises his fists up high and spreads his legs in a victory position. Seeing her chance, one of the other girls rears back and puts all of her strength into a kick right into his testicalls that literally knowcks the daylight out of him. When he wakes up he's tied to a flagpole, butt naked, with only a sign for protection over his sacred area. The sign reads "Sensitive Stuff"

Ladies, take your revenge :-)


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