Brent's Vacation

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Henry was told by his boss to go on vacation because he worked hard every day without a break. So Henry decided to go to Hawaii and he asked his friend Sean to baby sit his cat. Sean agreed to help him out and Brent was on his way to Hawaii.

During his vacation Sean called him and said, "Hey Brent. I'm sorry to give you bad news but your cat died".

"Thats all you have to say? My cat died." Said Brent furious.

"Well what else should i say?", asked Sean

"You could of sent me a telegram stating that my cat is on the roof. Then send me another telegram stating that my cat fell off the roof. Then send another telegram telling me that my cat is in the hospital. And send one last telegram telling me that my cat is dead so I'll be ready and everything.", said Brent.

"Okay, sorry about that.", said Sean

A couple of days later Brent recieved a telegram which stated:

'Dear Brent, Your mom is on the roof.'


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