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hard to get sex jokes

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A ship sank, 10 men and a woman were stranded on an island. 3 months later the woman killed herself because things that happened during the 3 months were too disgusting. 3 months later the men burried the woman because things that happened were too disgusting. 3 months later they dug up the woman because things that happened in the three months were too disgusting. 3 months later God revived the woman becaust things that happened in the year were too disgusting.

A man sees many good cars parking in front of a hotel. So he went inside and asked the owner who the cars belonged to. Hotel owner told him he won them all in bets. The man was curious about hotel owners bets so he asked him what it was. "If you want to know my bet, you have to make the bet. If you win, you take all the cars, if you lose, you leave your car to me. All you have to do are three things my son can do." The man thought why not, I can do anything a five-year-old can do. so he accepted the bet. so first, the boy went into a room with an attractive naked woman. He kissed the woman, the man did the same. Then he touched the woman's body, the man did the same. Then he took out his penis and bent it three times. The man:"%&$#@"

A man was sleeping naked in a forest. Then came a mushroom picking girl. she counted:" 1,2,3,4,5...5...5...5. dammit!" and left the guy feld very good so he did the same next day. There came a mushroom picking bear. it counted:"1,2,3,4,5...5...5...zacht,6,7,8,9........."


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