The dumb blonde

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There were three girls living in a small apartment, A brunett, A redhead and A dumb blonde. One day the didn't have no money and was hungry. The dumb blone said how about we go rob the store down the block. They all agreed and went to rob the store. Upon arrival at the store the dumb blonde tried to distract the clerk, while the two other girls took snacks. The clerk recognized them so she pushed the alert button under the counter. At that very moment a cop cruiser was passing by, so the cops came into the store to see what was going on. The girls didn't have no way to escape, so each of them jumped into three peanut bags lined up against the wall. The cops then retrived his gun and went towards the three peanut bags. He kicked the first with the brunett in it and he heard meow he left the bag. He then kicked the second bag with the redhead he heard roof roof, he left the bag alone. Then he kicked the bag with the dumbblonde she said peanuts.


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