3 Men Captured

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An Englishman , Irishman and a scotsman go into a wood and get captured by a tribe of mad men.

The tribe are advancing upon them with weapons when the englishman says " Please let us live we'll do anything"

The tribe leader says "ok. i want you each to go and get me 100 peices of one fruit and you're not allowed to leave the forest" The 3 men agreed.

The irishman is the first to return with 100 oranges. The tribe leader says " if you can shove all those hundred oranges up your arse without any coming out you can go free. If not we'll kill you.

The irishman attempts to shove them up but fails on the 22nd orange. The tribe men kill him.

The englishmen turns up next with grapes the tribe leader says again " if you can shove those 100 grapes up your arse we'll let u go if not we'll kill you"

The englishmen attempts it and is on the 94th grape when he laughs and the all come out the tribe men kill him.

Later on the englishmen meets up with the irishman in heaven the irishman says "I was watching why did you laugh you could of done it and been set free"

"yes" the englishman replied "but what made me laugh is that i saw the scotsman collecting watermelons"


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