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The biggest elephent in the world

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There were these sceintists who wanted to make the biggest elephant in the world. so they got an elephant and put a cork up his ass. Then they got lots and lots of food for the elephant. well after this the elephant was humongus. Finally they decided to stop because theyran out of money but the experiment was a very big success. So they decided to train a monkey to pull out corks. Then they built three towers. 1 one hundred feet away and 50 feet up another one 200ft away and 200 feet high then the last one was 300ft away and 300ft up. The first guy is givien a string to pull to let the monkey go to pull the cork from the elephants ass. He pulls the cord the monkey's cage opens and he walks over to the elephant and pulls the cork. After that shit goes everywhere. Then there were these people to dig the first sceintist out when they get to him hes about to vmit and they begin to worry about the second and third guy. They dig the 2nd guy out and hes nearly passed out. They say to each other we better hurry to get to the 3rd guy and dig him out or hell die. Well they get about 1/3 ways twords him and they start to hear laughing. This really worries them they think hes gone crazy. So they dig faster and faster. Sure enough the deeper they go the louder the laughing. Fiunnally they get to the third one throw open the door and yells at him "WHAT THE FUCK WE ARE OUT HERE DIGGING IN SHIT TO GET YOU OUT AND YOUR IN HERE LAUGHING WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU LAUGHING ABOUT?!?!?!?!?!?!" the sceintist says "It wasnt the monkey pulling it out but it was the monkey trying to put it back in"


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categories: animals, nature computer, science, technology work, school





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CAYXX_The biggest elephent in the world

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