little red wagon

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Once, there was this little boy that was walking through the woods pulling a little red wagon behind him with a few of his things in it. All of a sudden, the front wheels got caught in under a tree root.

The little boy tried his absolute best to work the wagon out of the root. He pulled and pushed and kicked, but to no avail. Finally he gave up and started cussing and screaming at the wagon.

Then a preacher popped out from behind the trees and stopped the little boy.

"you don't need to be cussing like that! God is everywhere and he can hear everything your saying!"

the little boy looks at him for a second before answering "so God is everywhere?"

"yep he sure is!" the preacher replied

"is God over there by that tree?" he asks.


"is he over there by that rock?"


"is God in my little red wagon?"

"he sure is!"

he thinks for a second. "will you do me a favor Mr. Preacher?"

"sure i will"

"will you tell God to get his ass out and push!?"


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