Farmers Way

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There Was this poor man hunting on the edge of his property right next to farm land. He saw a bird and shot at it, and he got it. He was pissed cause it went onto the farm land, but he was poor so he needed food for his family so off he went quickly rushing to get his bird cause the was no tresspassing signs all over the place. Went he got over there the farmer caught him and asked him what he was doing. the man replied"well i know its tresspassing but my family is starving and we need to eat". The farmer said"well lets just settle this the farmer way. The hunter said"whats the farmer way" the farmer replied "I kick you in the balls as hard as i can then u kick me in the balls as hard as you can. so it was a deal. so the farmer kicks the hunter in the balls as hard as he can and he is screaming in pain. Then the farmer said "k you can take your bird and get outta here


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