3 Texas Plastic Surgeons

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One day, three Texas plastic surgeons were playing golf and arguing over who was the best plastic surgeon in Texas.

"I'm the best plastic surgeon in Texas," the first one said. "Once a concert pianist who lost 7 of his fingers in a terrible accident came to me. I sewed them all back on, and 1 month later he went on the play a private concert for the queen of England."

"That's nothing," the second one said. "Once an Olympic athlete who had lost both arms and legs in a horrific car accident came to me in hope of rehabilitating. I sewed on both arms and legs, and 1 year later he went on the win a gold medal in three different categories."

The third one says, "You guys are amateurs. 6 years ago, a dangerously drunk cowboy who was highly addicted to cocaine and marijuana rode a horse 60 miles an hour straight into an oncoming train. All I had to work with was the horse's ass and the cowboy hat."

"Now Bush is the president of the Untied States!"


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by Jessica B. 1+ years ago

Dyslexics, untie!

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CAW0H_3 Texas Plastic Surgeons

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