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Camping Trip

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Two guys have been camping in the woods for over a week and are beginning to get a little annoyed with each other. One says to the other, "Today we should spend some time apart. You hike to the north, I'll hike to the south and then we will meet back here and discuss our hikes over a campfire."

The day turns to night and the two men meet at the campsite and one says to the other, "So,how was your day?"

"Oh, it was fabulous. I hiked towards the south, down into the valley and swam in this crystal blue stream and laid out in the sun until I was dry. When I woke up I saw a deer drinking from the stream and it was the most serene vision I have ever had. How was your day?"

The other camper says, "Well, I hiked north and came upon these railroad tracks. I followed them until I found this woman tied to the tracks so I untied her and we had sex all day long, in every position imaginable. It was the best sex I ever had and when we just couldn't do it anymore, I hiked back here."

The other camper responds, "Wow! your day was much better than mine! Did you get a blowjob too?"

"Nah, I couldn't find her head."


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