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The Golden Fiddle

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A pilot was forced to make a crash landing in a farmer's field. The farmer took the pilot back to the farmhouse, where the pilot noticed the farmer had a golden fiddle hanging above the fireplace. The two men were standing there talking when the farmers wife came down the steps. The pilot couldn't believe how beautiful she was. He asked the farmer, "how can you trust her to be here by herself all day, while you go out and work the fields?"

The farmer said, "I trust my wife, she's never been unfaithful."

The pilot then says, "I'll make you a little bet. If I take your wife upstairs she'll be unfaithful. If not, you can have my plane. But, if she is, I get your fiddle."

The farmer thought a little bit and said, "It's a deal."

So, the pilot and the farmers wife go upstairs. About a half hour passes, and the farmer picks up the fiddle and starts playing it.

He sings: "Be true to me, Be true to me, Be true for just one hour. Be true to me, Be true to me, And his airplane will be ours."

Another fifteen minutes pass, and suddenly he sees his wife coming down the stairs. He asks her if she stayed true to him. She walked over, picked up the fiddle, started playing it, and sang:

"He kissed me on the lips, He kissed me on the tits, He kissed me in the middle. He kissed a spot that you forgot, and you lost your fucking fiddle."


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