Bad Luck...

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A man is rushing to work one day when he is knocked down by a car. When he comes round in the hospital, his wife is sitting next to the bed. He turns to her and says, "When I was unpopular at school, you took the time to get to know me and we started dating. When I failed my degree at university, you were there beside me. When I couldn't get a job through failing my degree, you were there beside me. When I did get a job, the same job I have been doing for 15 years without a pay rise, you were there beside me. I get run over, wake up in the hospital and you are there beside me. I have something I really need to say to you..." Choking back tears, the man's wife moves to sit on the bed. She gently picks up her husband's hand in hers, "Yes my darling?" He says, "FUCK OFF YOU WITCH! YOU BRING ME BAD LUCK!"


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C60DD_Bad Luck...

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