The Beggar

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It was a usual afternoon when James was coming back from work. As he was driving his car en route to his house, he noticed a small crowd gathered. He was too curious, and even though he was getting late, he decided to stop by and have a look at what the commotion was all about.

He heard some shouting, and when he made his way through a few people, he realized that a beggar was the source of it all. Apparently, like James, the beggar's shouting had attracted about twenty people.

"I don't have any money at all!" the beggar said at the top of his voice. "I have seven children. Please help me. I am starving from weeks now. My children are dying!" As he was saying this he was sobbing so badly that it made James feel sorrowful for him.

It seemed to James as if the beggar wasn't lying. His clothes were in rags and his bones were covered with a thin layer of skin.

As the beggar was shouting, people threw money at the ground by him, which he seized at once. The crowd was still pretty big and people were looking and listening to him regretfully. James decided to give the beggar ten dollars. As James searched through his wallet, he heard the beggar shout out that his children hadn't a piece of cloth to wear. At that moment, the beggar's mobile phone rang.


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