Foreign Exchange Rates

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A tourist from China was traveling to New York City for a two week vacation. He went to the bank as soon as he arrived in order to exchange his Chinese money for American money. He gave the teller 1000 yuan, and the teller in turn gave him 150 dollars.

A week went by, and the tourist had used up his money, so he returned to the bank. He gave the teller another 1000 yuan, but this time the teller only gave him 125 dollars. Seeing the difference, the man angrily asked the teller in his broken English why last week he received 150 dollars for the same amount of money. The teller replied, "Fluctuations."

Flustered, the tourist responded, "Well fluck choo crazy Americans too!"


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by Katy G. 1+ years ago

This doesn't really make sense. It's not that I don't get it but the story has little to do with the punch line. Sorry.

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