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People are assholes. Today in connetcuit a woman was standing on the side of the bridge, ready to jump to her death. The police had to close the bridge because a group of, one car, one truck and a busload of people were chanting 'jump jump jump.' Scarcely believable, they actually sounded pretty good

People are idiots Two days ago on Long Island, New York, a hispanic man who had recently robbed a few department stores had run away into the woods while police chased him. Know what he did? Climbed a tree. The police found him. He grabbed for something, a police officer said, "He's got a gun" and shot him down.

People are illiterate Recently two men, just starting out as crooks, were robbing vetrenary offices. Im not sure of the correct spelling/puncuation but they found what they thought read 'Histofetimene' which is a new drug out that gives a 'heroine high simulation' without the risk. They took it, turned up a day later in a hospital. Turns out the drug was actually used to 'lessen contractions during dog birth' or something. Jackasses.

People are ignorant A ground crew for a news station couldn't get to the site of an accident to report what happened because the power cord to the camera didnt reach far enough. Needless to say, the cord went to the van which was parked 200 feet away, a road going right passed the accident was wide open. 5 lanes wide open.

People are computer retarded The 'Any Key' phenomenon. 'Nuff said.

People are sexually explorative A man, several years ago, got his genetalia stuck in the filter of his hot tub. For four hours. He was experimenting when the sudden blockage caused the filter to goto 'suck' mode. Needless to say, i got this from some medical TV show. Who could resist?


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