Playing Golf, Left Handed and Right Handed

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Every Saturday morning for three years, a foursome teed off at their local country club.

One of the players was remarkable. For a couple of weeks, he'd play left-handed, and then the next week, he'd play with the right, with no loss in skill.

However, he had one annoying fault: every couple of months or so, he would be twenty minutes late to tee off.

One morning, after this guy had landed his second shot just two feet from the pin, one of the others said, "I can't stand it any longer! What's with switching sides, right to left? Why do you do that?"

"Well, I'll tell ya," the man said, "Every Saturday morning when I wake up, I turn over and look at my wife. If she's sleeping on her right side, I tee off right-handed. If she's on her left side, I play left-handed."

"Ah! But what if she's on her back?"

"That's when I'm twenty minutes late!"


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C5X4A_Playing Golf, Left Handed and Right Handed

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