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Here are a few things that you probably never knew, but the commercials helped us to realize.

- When mentioning a product, it is required to say the entire name, and manufacturer.

- When you wash your hair, don't worry about a hairdryer, just shake your head back and forth with a sexy little motion, and it'll be dry.

- If you have heartburn, don't worry!! The person next to you is a doctor.

- If you have heartburn, and your seat partner isn't a doctor, then your cab driver/bartender/waitress has a bottle of antacid within reach.

- When having large groups of people over for dinner, it is necessary to serve spaghetti and bread rolls. And someone has to spill wine.

- All restaurant owners are Italian

- Your new carpet spray/toilet scrub/shower cleaner will always get out that spilled juice/scum/grease, and leave your carpet/shower/toilet whiter than before

- The person across from you knows what your doctor prescribed, and they have it sitting beside them.

- Every household has one really shaggy dog that sheds all the time.

- Looking for a product that works? A really peppy, and friendly mom will point out that it's right to your right and above your head!

- The number one choice of medicine in households and clinics around the world are six different brands.

- Hair doesn't frizz

- Lip color lasts forever

- Amusement parks have special invisible rides that can be seen on T.V., but not in person.

- Your mattress is the worst mattress in the world, but your new mattress is the greatest.

- If you can't sleep, you'll shift around madly and frown.

- Everyone sleeps with one hand behind their pillow, one hand on top, and the sheets at their armpits. Unless you are sick.

I bet you never knew any of that! Aren't you glad that I found out for you!


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