Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill was a quite a character. Here, for your enjoyment, is a bit of a description of him:

(1) Seeing how rude Churchill was to his wife (and everyone else), a lady once told him, "Winston, if I was your wife, I would poison your tea." Churchill replied, "And madame, if I was your husband, I would drink it." Ouch.

(2) At a dinner a party, a (different) lady thought Churchil had had a bit too much to drink, and told him so: "Winston, you are drunk." Churchill's answer: "And madame, you are ugly. The difference is, in the morning, I will be sober." Ouch Ouch.

(3 and final) The famous playwright George Bernard Shaw, once wrote a letter to Churchill along these lines: "...I would be delighted if you could attend the first performance of my new play...You may bring a friend, if you have one." Churchill was not going to take that sitting down; his reply: "I apologize that I cannot attend the first performance of your play, but I will be happy to attend the second performance, if you have one."


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by Zoe B. 1+ years ago

I don't get the one about the tea....

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