Bill Gates Locked Out

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One day Bill Gates left work, started driving off, and remembered he'd left his suit-jacket in the office. He stopped the car, locked the door, and ran back to the office to get the jacket.

When Bill returned to his car, he realized that he'd locked the keys inside the car, with the lights were on and the engine was still running. He ran back to the office frantic for help.

He found a security guard - and DEMANDED immediate assistance. After less than 5 seconds, the guard popped the door open, which impressed and amazed the programmer to no end.

Bill asked, "Sir, I demand that I keep THAT paperclip NOW!" The guard replies kind of perplexed, "Sure, it's just a paper clip."

With a great big satisfied smile, Bill replied, "Great, I'll keep it in the glove compartment in case I ever do THAT again!"


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