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3 Rhymes

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There is a class of students waiting for the bell to ring on the last day of school. They perster thier teacher for them to leave early... but she denies the request. Finally after much pleading the teacher decides and says, "If you can give me 3 rhymes I will let you go home."

The first kid puts up his hand and says, "Hi my name is Stan, and I want to go to Japan in my dads van if I can sometime maybe."

The teachers applauds and says, "Very well."

The next kid puts up his hand, "Hi my name is Dan, and I want to go to Japan with Stan but in my own dad's van if I can sometime maybe."

The teacher smiles and says that was very clever.

A girl puts her hand up and says, "Hi my name is Aimee, and I want to have a baby if I can sometime maybe."

The teacher smiles and says, "Very well you can leave." But the class bully is upset he hasnt had a go, and the teacher decides to let him have his say.

"Hi my name is Buck and I don't give a fuck about Stan or Dan going to Japan. And as for Aimee I am gonna give her the baby and there's no fucking maybe."


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