French Legionaries

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Three French legionaries are hiking across the desert where they have been for several days. They are out of food and on their last ration of water.

As they walk a bit further, the head legionary thinks he sees something up ahead and cries to the others (in a French accent), "look! It is a bacon tree! It is what we 'ave been waiting for!"

And sure enough, there seems to be a tree covered with streaky bacon. Of course the legionaries are delighted, so desperate that they don't even consider the possibility of it being a mirage.

As they get closer, the head legionary says, "Stay 'ere. I will investigate". So he approaches, but as he does so, two gunshots penetrate the deadly silence, seeming to com from the bacon tree, and strike down the legionary. The tree disappears.

The other two rush to see if there is anything they can do, but it seems almost too late.

"Sir!" they cry, "are you alright?"

And the head legionary, before he dies, says, "Zat was not a bacon tree...zat was an 'ambush!"


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