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The Rodeo

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For his wifes 40th birthday, Al decided to take his wife to the rodeo. He had managed to get hold of 2 V.I.P passes that would let them have a guided tour around the bull pens before the start.

Upon arrival Al and his wife were quickly taken to the Stud area to look at the male bulls. The owner was so proud of his stud farm that he used the bulls as an attraction at the rodeo.

At the first pen there was a sign outside saying: "This bull mates 12 times a year." At this Al's wife said, "Wow that's once a month, almost as much as you do darling!"

At the second pen there stood a sign saying: "This bull mates 52 times a year." At this Al's wife said, "Wow that's once a week! Thats good! We should make love more often you know Al."

At the third pen there stood a sign saying: "This bull mates 365 times a year."

Al this Al's wife said, "Oh my god, that's amazing! This bull mates every day! I wish you'd make love to me every day Al!" Al replied, "Yeah but I bet he dosen't have to fuck the same old cow every day!"


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