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America's Longest River By: Misses Hippy Artificial Clothing By: Polly Ester Breaking the Law By: Kermit A. Krime Broken Beds By: Squeak E. Springs The Color of Eggs By: Summer Brown Danger! By: Luke Out Don't Hurt Me! By: I. Bruce Easley Downpour! By: Wayne Dwops Errors and Accidents By: Miss Takes and Miss Haps The Fall of a Watermelon By: S. Platt Falling Trees By: Tim Burr French Overpopulation By: Francis Crowded History of Texas By: Al E. Moe Hours in the Bathroom By: R. U. Dunnyett House Construction By: Bill Jerome Holme How to Be Organized By: Miss Place How to Groom Your Yard By: Ray Cleaves I Didn't Do It! By: Ivan Alibi I Don't Get It By: Anita Clew I Love Crowds By: Morris Merrier I Need Insurance By: Justin Case I'll Do It Soon By: Will B. Dunn The Lion Attacked By: Claudia Armoff Mineralogy for Giants By: Chris Tall No Appreciation For Art By: Drew Lousy Old Furniture By: Anne Teak The Past to the Distant Future By: I. C. All Ripping Pants By: Ben Dover Rusty bed springs By: I.P. Nightly Snakes of the World By: Anna Conda Under the bleachers By: Seymore Butts Where the Stars Are By: Horace Cope Why Don't Chickens Bark? By: U. R. Stupid and I. M. Stupid


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