Burger King-Top 20

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1. Ask for a Big Mac and a Supersized fry. 2. Ask how much a 99 cent Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger is. 3. When ordering at the drive through, honk the horn until you leave the parking lot. 4. Ride through the drive through on a bicycle. 5. Play your car stereo loudly when ordering. 6. Ask to speak to Dave Thomas. 7. Order 1 thing at a time at the drive through, keep driving around until you have a complete meal. 8. When eating in, sit alone and start laughing loudly for no reason. Then start talking like someones eating accross the table. 9. Pull up to take your food, don't take it, and drive away. 10. Go through the drive through and say nothing. 11. When they ask, "Can I take your order?" repeat that and everything else they say. (The shadow game.) 12. When in the drive through, slam into the car ahead of you and yell "Would you like frys with that?" 13. When they ask "Can I take your order?" say "No thank you." and drive away. 14. When eating in, pick up and throw your chair and yell, "They forgot the $#@%&*% mustard! and resume eating. 15. Go from table to table and steal food. 16. When eating in, sit next to people and say "That looks good, can I have a bite?" 17. Order 20 hamburgers, pull up to get them and say "I've changed my mind, I just want a large Coke." 18. Walk in and sit next to somebody and say "It's a shame about your car." 19. Ask if the 99 cent Value Menu prices will lower. 20. Do the same thing as in number 17 but say "I hope you just put Ketchup on all those."


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