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10 reasons why sex is better than School

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1. Everbody likes sex and nobody likes school, except for virgins and only because they haven't had sex yet.

2. Sex sucks, moans, licks, pumps, throbs etc..., school just sucks.

3. After sex you feel like smoking a cigarette. After school you feel like smoking something a whole lot stronger.

4. You get disciplined during sex only if you want to.

5. Drinking drives people to sex, whereas school drives people to drink.

6. Sex releives stress, school is the cause of stress.

7. Nothing beats the "hands on" experience you get with sex.

8. After sex you feel like you have accomplished something.

9. Sex is cheaper. Even if you have to pay for a hooker, it is still cheaper than paying thousands of dollars in tuition.

10. At least you have a choice whether or not you want to have sex. At school your teachers screw you regardless!!!


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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by book c. 1+ years ago

But you know what? School is what helps you learn how to spell "Relieves" correctly....

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by Mark S. 1+ years ago

This was absolutely ridiculous. How can you make a comparison of school and sex? It's not funny, it's not amusing and it's not witty. 1/10

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C5P1P_10 reasons why sex is better than School

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