10 Pranks To Pull on Santa

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Use these 10 pranks if last year you didn't get what you wanted.

10. Put a 20 dollar bill in your letter.

9. Put axle grease on the roof and watch them reindeer and santa fall.

8. Add some laxitives to the cookie batter and santa will hope his magic can get him to the bathroom fast.

7. Get a set of wild dogs and don't feed them and on Christmas Eve set them under the chimney of course they wont eat but that'll sure send his fat butt back up it.

6. Make a tape of you and your friends singing christmas carols as loud as you can and leave it playing. You probably think he loves them but he hears them all the time so it probably gets annoying.

5. Set his reindeer free.

4. Switch the lists so that the nice kids get the crap and the naughty ones get the good stuff.

3. Put a mix of mayo and peanut butter in the stockings and when he pulls his hand out it will be all nasty.

2. Catch his sleigh on fire.

1. Before you go to the mall to sit on santas lap eat a lot of beans and when standing in line get up a good batch and when you sit on his lap let her rip.


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by Taxon n. 1+ years ago

that is cruel

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