Great Laws Of America

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1. It's illegal to pump gas in New Jersey. (Back to riding my unicycle)

2. In South Carolina, you can't keep a horse in the bathtub. (Your hiding place has been discovered Besse)

3. California's state's laws say pot-bellied pigs and hamsters in animal shelters must be given the same treatment as cats and dogs. (I worked 10 years trying to have that law passed.. now all I need to do is have it enforced)

4. In Georgia, all signs must be written in English. (You are no exception Taco Bell!)

5. In some New Jersey communities, milk is the only item you're allowed to buy on Sundays. (What, no toothpaste either?)

6. In Massachusetts, the law says you can go to jail if you challenge or accept a duel--even if it's never fought. (Damnit..)

7. In Montana, it's considered a felony if a wife opens her husbands mail for him. (Whoops)

8. In Arkansas, the government passed a law saying Arkansas must be pronounced "Arkansaw." (Thank the Lord!)

9. On Sundays in S. Carolina, you can't buy TV's and radios. (AND RADIOS??!!)

10. In Massachusetts, you can't frighten a pigeon unless it's on your property. (Good thing I own all of Boston)


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