The Farmer's Daughter

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A man is driving through the country. Just as it's getting dark his front left tire goes flat, and he is without a spare. He walks up to the nearest house and asks to spend the night. The farmer, being a generous soul, says, "Sure thing, but only on one condition. I'll be putting you in the same bed as my daughter, but I don't want you touching her. So I'm going to put a row of eggs between the two of you to make sure there's no messing about." The man sees no problem with this, and the farmer treats him to dinner.

The daughter is there, and the man sees that she is the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen. He can't keep his eyes off her, and she can't keep her eyes off him. That night, they make wild passionate love on the bed, breaking eggs and spilling yolk everywhere. In order to fool the farmer, the man and the farmer's daughter come up with a plan. It takes all night, but they manage to get all of the eggs glued back together by sunrise. They then fall asleep, exhausted.

The next morning the farmer wakes them up and collects the eggs. He goes into the kitchen and proceeds to make breakfast. The farmer cracks the first egg... nothing. He cracks the second egg... nothing. By this time the farmer's face is getting red. He cracks a third egg... nothing. In a rage, the farmer gets out his rifle, runs right past the startled man, and shoots the chickens.


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