20 Ways to Tick Off Teachers

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1. (If it's a male teacher) Call him Mr. Dude with a sarcastic tone in your voice loud enough for the whole class to hear.

2. Ignore the teacher when they call on you.

3. If your text book is talking about a movie familiar to you, hum the theme song.

4. Fold paper air planes, and when the teacher bends over...(you know how the rest goes...)

5. Say the dumbest, most idiotic, answer you can think of.

6. If your teacher will not let you go to the bathroom, let yourself out.

7. Forge your parents signature on something, and when the teacher comes to you, say, "I got my sloppy hand writing from my dad, see?"

8. Continuously drop something on the floor.

9. Find a way to get sat out in the hall, and continuously walk in and say, "I forgot my pencil!" and use a different excuse every time.

10. Fall out of your chair five or six times.

11. Bang your head on your desk.

12. Smash your face inside your book and when your teacher says something, go, "Huh?"

13. Staple tissues together and put them back in the box.

14. Run into walls and act retarded.

15. Yell out your classroom window, "She's poisoning us, help!"

16. Make fun of your teacher's age.

17. Do the opposite of what she says.

18. Roll your pencil around on your desk.

19. Write on your desk.

20. Call your teacher a white haired witch.


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