Most Embarrasing Date

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A young couple entered in a most embarrasing date contest and won by a mile. Here is their stroy:

Two young people, Dave and Diane, were set up on a date to go sking in the mountians. They were driving up the mountian side and Diane had to use the washroom. "Can't you wait until we get there?" Dave asked. Diane waited. A little while later, Diane couldn't hold it any longer, "Either you pull over or I go in your car!" Dave pulled the car over.

Diane got out and leaned against the fendor while taking a whiz. When she was done, she was horrified to find her butt frozen to the fendor. She sheepishly called Dave. To their disgust, they agreed that the only way she could be freed was if Dave peed on her butt to thaw it out. The embarrased couple's plan worked, and after that date they never saw each other again.


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by Dashelle S. 1+ years ago

How could they enter it if they never saw eachother again? This is actually a true story and they explained this while on a show. They got married. I saw the show myself.

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