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Sticks and stones May break my bones But whips and chains Excite me

I like your style I like you class But most of all I like you ass

Guys are like roses Watch out for the pricks

You can prick you finger Just don't finger you prick

Sex is evil Evil is sin Sin is forgiven So put it in

Twatt's twatt And that's that

Eat me Beat me Bite me Blow me Suck me Fuck me Very slowly If you kiss me don't be sassy Use you tongue and make it nasty

Mental anxiety Mental break downs Menstral cramps Menopause Did you ever notice how all women's problems begin with MEN?!?!?!?!


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categories: word fun (puns, riddles)





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by rachel s. 1+ years ago

I love these, post some more of them. I am especially fond of the ones that rhyme.

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