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Think back to when you were a kid and think of some of the things adults said to you ...

YOU'RE AS CUTE AS A BUTTON: And a button is cute how?? I would be slightly insulted to have someone call me a button...

YOUR GROWING LIKE A WEED: Oh Thank you Grandma! I've always wanted to be called a weed!

WELL JUST CRY ME A HANDFUL OF TEARS: Well, first of all, that is particularly hard, not to mention your hands would get tired and the tears would leak out anyway.

SPIT IN THIS IN THIS HAND AND HOPE IN THE OTHER AND SEE WHICH GETS FULL FASTER: I'll give ya a little advice: When an adult holds their hands out gesturing that saying, don't ACTUALLY spit on "this" hand...

WELL, I'M JUST SO SORRY: No your not. So don't ACT like it, ya done made me mad anyway...

I COULD KISS EVERY INCH OF YOU: Please don't... heaven forbid...


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