Talking Rabbit

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A rabbit walks into a pub takes a seat at the bar and orders a pint. The barman decides not to make a big deal.

About a year later the circus shows up in town. The owner walks in, takes a seat and orders a pint. The barman noticed the man was a bit glum so he asked what's wrong. The circus owner tells the barman that if the circus doesn't get a new act soon, they would go bankrupt.

"Funny you should mention that," says the barman, "we have a talking rabbit in town, he's a regular in the pub. You should ask him to join your circus."

The next day the circus owner goes to the pub to present his offer to the rabbit. After about 20 min the man leaves and the bartender decides to ask the rabbit if he was going to join the circus.

The rabbit just took a sip of his pint and says, "Why would a bricklayer wanna work in the circus?!"


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