Practical Jokes for Computers

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Here are some pranks to do and play on your co-workers or other family members.

Which is Which? Make sure that the person doesn't have too many icons on their desktop. Then change all the icons to the same picture and name them the same, such as having 10 recycle bins on your desktop and not knowing which is which.

Frozen Desktop. Move the cursor to the corner of the screen so it is unseen, make a copy of the screen and set it as the desktop background. Then make a folder some where on the hard drive and move all the icons there. The pictures of the icons will be there but you couldn't use them. Also put the toolbar on auto-hide.

Voices. Under the control panel you can change the sounds. Record yourself saying something annoying or yelling obscenities. Then put them as a commonly used sound, toolbar, open and closing programs, or selecting things.

Some of these might not work depending on the computer but they are good ways to get even with other co-workers or friends.


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by kane s. 1+ years ago

try, "why god, why did you delete my good password? thats it! ill go and fuck your wife!"

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by Kitty K. 1+ years ago

I'm definitely going to try these.

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