Six Again

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There was this 35 year old couple who had been married for ten years. They had a healthy and giving marriage. One morning the wife said, "I wish I was six again."

What the wife didn't know was that her husband had heard her while shaving in the bathroom. So at breakfast he told his wife, "Change in plans, let's take a break from spring cleaning today and go out."

Surprised, his wife agreed. First he took her to the movies to see a sobby romance film she had been dying to see. Next, they went to a rollerblading park and skated for hours. Afterwards, the husband took his wife to a carnival in town for the week. They rode the Ferris wheel and bought some cotton candy and He even won her an unreasonably oversized stuffed animal. After the carnival, they went for ice-cream and a sub.

That night in bed her husband said, "So, how did it feel to be six again?"

His wife replied somewhat confused, "Oh honey, this morning I meant my dress size!"


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by Katy G. 1+ years ago

Very cute! Thanks for sharing. Definitely something my husband would do and something I would say! Lol

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C5H2I_Six Again

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