You Know You're a Redneck When...

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- You wet the bed and ten people immediately know about it. - You mow the lawn to find a truck. - Your house moves more than your truck. - Your grandmother has ammo and guns on her Christmas list. - Your 1 year old has more teeth than any of your family members. - Your car has more rust and holes than paint. - The dog has a higher I.Q. than you. - Any of your kids has been born on a pool table. - Your salary comes from the offering plate. - You think rich people work at McDonalds. - Your clothes come from dollar general and big lots. - Your dog closes his eyes when he sees what you're eating. - You have been divorced and remarried several times, but you. - Still have the same in-laws. - Your prom had a daycare. - You're considered an honor student because you finished the fifth grade. - You take a six pack cooler to church. - The jack'o'lantern on your front porch has more teeth than you. - You know more than one person named "Darryl."


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C5DZS_You Know You're a Redneck When...

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