Lady & Dentist

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The pretty young lady was having a tooth pulled. The dentist gave her the usual "This won't hurt a bit" routine before bending over her with a drill in his hand.

He immediately drew back in complete alarm. "Miss," he said in a barely audible whisper, "You have a hold of my testicles!"

"Yes, doc, I know," she smiled, "and we aren't going to hurt each other, are we?"


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by Kelley A. 1+ years ago

haha one time i went to the doctor because i had poison ivy and he was trying to give me a shot and he told me it wouldn't hurt i proceeded to tell him where i would shove it if it did. Keep in mind i've known this guy since i was born. he knows i would do it. i got pills instead haha i haven't had a shot since. :]

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