The Lawyer and His New Car

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A lawyer was very successful in his last case, so his client paid him a good deal of money. So he decided he wanted to buy a new Jaguar. He drove to the dealership and took a test drive. It was perfect. So he paid for the car and drove out to show off his Jaguar.

The lawyer was driving along when he saw this beautiful girl in a red convertible. He gave her a quick wink when all of a sudden a large cement trunk rammed into the side of his new car. Well, this outraged the lawyer. He jumped out of the car and started screaming, "You retard! How could you just crash into my new car!" The truck driver gave him the strangest look and sped off. The lawyer then called 911.

A policeman arrived at the scene a few minutes later. The lawyer told the story over again. He kept talking about how much the car cost and how it needed to be repaired.

All of a sudden the policeman said, "You lawyers are so possesive!!" and gave him the same look that the cement truck driver gave the lawyer. The lawyer said back, "How dare you insult me! And I am not possessive!" So the policeman said, "Then why are you so wrapped up in what happened to your car when your arm has been ripped off of your body?!" The lawyer looked down and yelled, "MY ROLEX!"


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by Taxon n. 1+ years ago

tisk, tisk, tisk

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by kayla k. 1+ years ago

see, now thats just how sad the world has become these days...all people care about is money money money.

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