Adventures of the New Priest

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Once there was a Catholic church that recently got itself a new priest. This priest was fixed on bringing young people to the church. One day the older priest said down the younger one and said, "You have done much good for our church! When you suggested we get bucket seats instead of pews, the teenage population of our church really went up!" The young priest smiled smugly.

Then he continued, "And when you decided to bring in rock gospel groups instead of a choir, the teenage population went up further." He smiles again.

"But the thing I'm not sure about is the drive-in confessional. I mean, the whole idea is fine, but I'm concerned about the neon sign in front. We might need to change that." The other guy frowned. "Well, what's wrong with it, father?" "I just don't think that 'Toot and Tell or go to Hell is such a nice gesture!"


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C5BSJ_Adventures of the New Priest

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