How Many Dogs...

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How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?

Golden Retriever: The day is young, the weather is warm, the air is deliciously fresh, and we can run and play, and you're sitting in here worried about a stupid light bulb?

Basset Hound: No matter. I can still sleep in the dark.

French Poodle: Let ze Americans get it, mon cherie.

Dachsund: You've got to be kidding me, right?

Jack Russel Terier: I know I can get it! Please just give me a few more jumps! I can get it in 20 more jumps! I know I can!

Pointer: I see the light bulb, riiiiiiggggggggghhhhhhhhhtttttttt there!

Greyhound: I can get a replacement light faster than the rest of you!

Bichon Frise: I am with ze French poodle, let thoze Americans get it.

Cocker Spaniel: Why bother changing it? I can still pee on the carpet if it's dark.

Border Collie: Just one. Plus, I'll replace any wiring not up to code.

German Shepherd: I'll guard the light bulb while you figure it out. Hey you, back off!

Toy Poodle: I'll just blow in the border collie's ear and he'll do it. By the time the house is rewired, my nails will be dry.

Rottweiler: Are you gonna make ME change that light bulb? You and what army, huh?

Shi-Tzu: Puh-leeeeeze dah-ling, leave it for the servants.

Malamute: The border collie can do it. While he's busy, you can feed me.

Chow Chow: I'm with the malamute After I take my nap, that is.

Akita: I'm with the chow and the malamute! What's for dinner?

Lab: ME! ME! I want to do it! Pick me! Please? Pleeeeeeeeaze let me change the light bulb! Can I? Huh? Huh? Can I?

Kelpie: Put all the light bulbs in a little circle.

Chihuahua: Yo quiero Taco Bulb. And drop the chalupa while you're at it.

Wolf: My distant cousin the border collie can do it. Meanwhile, the moon provides us with all the light we need.


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