The Czech is in the male

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There was once a very rich lawyer who owned a large house up in Washington state. Every summer, he would have a friend come by for a visit, and this year, he chose a fellow lawyer from the Czech Republic.

The were having a great time. Every day, they would wake up early and collect berries for their breakfast, then they would compare cases they'd worked on, then they might take a walk in the woods or play a round of golf. But, one day, as they were picking berries, a male bear and female bear came by. The male said to his wife "I think the one on the left looks really tasty." So, he gobbled up the Czech lawyer whole.

The other lawyer ran to his house and phoned Animal Control and told them to come over to shoot a bear that had eaten his friend. They cmae as fast as they could, and the frantic lawyer told them everything.

"My friend had flown in from the Czech Republic, and he was just staying here with me, and we were picking berries, when these bears came by and one of them ate him!"

"Okay, just calm down sir, which bear was it?" asked one of the Animal Control specialists. "The boy bear!" screamed the lawyer.

So, the specialist took aim, and shot the female bear dead.

"What are you doing? I told you that it was the male bear!" asked the lawyer.

The Animal Control specialist looked at the lawyer and said "Yeah, who ever trusts a lawyer when they say the Czech is in the male?"


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by Lee W. 1+ years ago

Good, but not great wordplay

Reply to Lee W.'s comment
C58GN_The Czech is in the male

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