Donation to the Nuns

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One day, when a man was coming home from work, he was stopped many times by nuns. Each nun asked him if he wanted to make a donation to help the children. Every time he said no.

Finally, when he reached home and had just turned on the T.V and sat down in his favorite chair, the phone rang. The voice on the other line said, "Hello, My name is Sister Louisa. Would you like to make a donation to help the children?" "Well", the man said, "I've been ask that so many times today, and said no every time. So if I say yes now, will you nuns promise to stop asking me if I want to make donations?" The sister thought a moment, then said, "Yes, I think we can do that."

"Okay," said the man, "Let me go get a porn magazine and a cup...."


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C586W_Donation to the Nuns

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