The Fur Coat

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A man and his date were strolling the streets of New York City on a Friday afternoon. Presently, they came upon a furrier selling fine imported fur coats. The man suggested she try some on, and she agreed. After trying several on, she found one that was perfect.

"This one is absoulutely LOVELY!" she exclaimed to her boyfriend. "Well, okay, if you want it I guess we'll take it," he told the furrier. To this, the furrier replied,

"Sir that is a fine coat of Mink, and it looks lovely on you, ma'am, but it is a $50,000 coat!" "Excellent!" the man said, "will you take a personal check?" "Of course, sir, but you will have to wait until Monday so the check can get cleared." "Very well." said the man, writing the check and handing it over to the furrier, all in the eyes of his companion. The couple walked on, and the girl couldn't believe her date would spend that much money on her, for a coat, too!!!

Monday rolled around and the man went to the furrier to pick up the coat. When he got there, the furrier greeted him and then frowned, "Sir, are you aware that there are only $584 in your checking account? I'm afraid you cannot have this coat." "Yes, I'm more than well aware of this," replied the man with a great big grin on his face, "but let me tell you, with her thinking that coat was hers, I had the weekend of my life!"


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