Who Are These Tampons For?

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One day, two young boys, ages 9 and 4, are in the grocery store. They pick out a box of tampons and go to the cashier. She looks at them and says "Are these for your mother, little boy?" The 9 year old answered, "No, they're not for my mother."

So the cashier asks "Are they for your sister, then?", and again, the 9 year old answers "Nope, not for my sister either."

The cashier couldn't think of who else they might be for, so she asks, "Well, if they aren't for your mother, and they aren't for your sister, who are they for?" And the 9 year old answers "They're for my brother."

Shocked, the cashier asks "But why are you buying them for your brother?" The 9 year old points to some writing on the box and says "It says right here that these let you ride a bike and swim, and my brother can't do either of those."


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